Born and raised in Hong Kong, Yau moved to the United States with his family during his teenage years. He earned a BA in Ceramics from the California College of Art in 2017 and later completed his graduate studies at the Royal College of Art in Ceramic and Glass in 2021. Prior to relocating to London, he worked as an instructor at the American Museum of Ceramic Art and as a studio technician at Pasadena City College.

Yau has dedicated thirteen years of his life to working with clay on the potter's wheel. His artistic focus revolves around the functionality of objects and the enhancement of everyday life through craftsmanship. He believes that the creative process with clay captures his impulsive emotions while at the potter's wheel and reflects an inner narrative unique to each moment. Yau is passionate about creating work that not only appeals visually but also seamlessly integrates into the lives of its users. This passion motivates him to be a ceramic artist committed to uncovering the true essence of clay and finding the perfect harmony between the material, potential users, and himself.

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